Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

Chloe Moretz spricht über 'Sils Maria' und Kristen im Interview mit Josh Horowitz

"Sils Maria it's a really cool film. I'm actually starting that really soon. I get to go to Switzerland... and Leipzig in Germany."

"I only have a couple scenes with Kristen, but my main stuff is with Juliette. And it's this kind of really cool world where the whole script is basically written like a play, and you're watching a play, basically. You're watching us rehearse for a play. Basically what it is is my character is the equivalent of all these young stars that have gone crazy. But what if they were crazy and still did amazing work and still got hired and they were like huge stars but were crazy partiers? So that's basically the character I'm playing, that she has all this bad press, but she shows up to her job and is really due diligence and just does everything and is really good at her job, so that's pretty much my character. And Juliette plays this older actress, who is a great actress but she's older, and it's kind of the clash between the two worlds of older actors and younger actors."

via MTV

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  1. Oh, ich liebe die Interviews von Josh Horowitz. Freu mich schon wenn er wieder eins mit Kris o. Rob führt.