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Robsten #POD

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Kristen POD

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Tweet des Tages

*BadBoyRob*^^ (wenn's wahr ist ;))

Twilight's Robert Pattinson has been cautioned by SA Police for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike in

Zur Erinnerung :)

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2 neue Bella & Edward Desktop Wallpaper #BD2

Die Downloads inklusive Jacob findet ihr hier.

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"Queen of the Desert" (Rob) liegt auf Eis

Das klingt nun wirklich nicht mehr danach, als wenn "Queen of the Desert" auch tatsächlich noch umgesetzt wird. Schon Naomi Watts hatte sich vor kurzem im Interview mit MTV dazu geäußert (wir berichteten). Schade...

As for projects that may or may not be happening, Law confirmed Naomi Watts' statement that Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell biopic "Queen of the Desert" is now on hold and he will likely be no longer be available for it when it returns. "I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think I can do that anymore," he admitted.

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Alte Cannes Bilder von Rob&Kristen nun in besserer Qualität

Beim Verlassen der Cosmopolis After Party

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Dakota Fanning spricht über Kristen

Einmal im Interview mit Josh Horowitz @ Sundance Filmfestival...

Und einmal in der Märzausgabe des Glamour Magazins...

Glamour: What about your friends? Do you have a million friends or just a couple? And are they celebrity friends, or are they - what would you say - noncelebrity friends?

DF: One of my best friends is an actor, but a lot of them I met in high school. They are amazing, and I have stuck with them.

Glamour: You said you have one famous-y friend. Kristen Stewart, I'm guessing?

DF: Yeah. Yeah.

Glamour: Is that friendship different than your others because yo've been through so many similar things?

DF: When we're together, we're not talking about movie stuff. She's just my really good friend, you know? We go out. We stay in a lot too. I'm a homebody!
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Gif des Tages "Krisbians are..."

Ganz genau Rob^^ 

New Edward & Bella Still #BD2

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Neues Breaking Dawn Part 2 BTS Video von Target

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Robsten Pic of the Day

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Rob Pic of the Day

Wie schrieb unsere Blogger-Kollegin von robstendreams: Wenn man an nem Flughafen so aussieht, als hätte man gerade n Photoshooting hinter sich hat - dann kann man nur Robert Pattinson heißen <3

Neues Rob&Kristen Interview mit Telecine - BD2

Die zentrale Frage des Interviews: Was vermisst du am meisten, jetzt da die Twilight Saga ein Ende hat?

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Neues Edward und Bella Still - BD2

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Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Neue Bilder von Rob mit Fans in Adelaide

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News.Com Australia:

ROBERT Pattinson looked like just another music fan as he enjoyed Adelaide's Big Day Out at the Showgrounds on Friday.

The Hollywood star, and part-time muso, has been spotted all over town this week and was among the thousands watching The Killers, Vampire Weekend and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the festival.

Wearing his trademark baseball cap, check shirt and dark jeans, the Twilight hunk happily posed for photos backstage with John Day and friends.

"He was very cool, very gracious and good humored ... I asked him how he was enjoying Adelaide and he said he'd only been here a short time and hadn't seen much," John says.

Robert's new movie, The Rover, will be shot in various locations in SA's Flinders Ranges, but the actor admitted to not knowing much about the area.

"I asked him what he (Rob) thought of the Flinders Ranges and he wasn't sure what or where that was, so he had a bit of a laugh about that," John says.

Later in the evening, Robert kicked on to what is becoming his favourite Adelaide nightspot, the Grace Emily Hotel on Waymouth St, where he had a few drinks in the beer garden.

Earlier in the week, the actor - wearing shorts, a white shirt and a backpack - was seen riding a bike on his own through Adelaide.

Confidential understands Rob was scheduled to leave Adelaide this weekend to start shooting on The Rover, with production set to begin this week.

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Neues/altes Fanpic mit Rob auf der BD2 LA Afterparty

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Neue/alte Bilder von Rob & Kristen beim Verlassen der BD2 Premiere in London

Wir haben euch gesagt, dass die zwei zusammen in einem Auto weggefahren sind. :)

Hier nun ein paar Bilder..

Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Robsten POD

MTV Movie Awards 2010

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Remember Rob in Cannes 2009

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Kristen POD

Remember SundanceStew 2010

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Neue Bilder von Rob heute in Adelaide

Sportlich..sportlich :) *sexy.dude*

Und noch ein Fanpic aus einer Bar vom selben Tag

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Cosmopolis DVD Extras

Citizens of Cosmopolis - 1 von Only_Robert

Citizens of Cosmopolis - 2. von Only_Robert

Citizens of Cosmopolis - 3 von Only_Robert

Interviews mit Cast & Crew
Interviews with the crew and actors von Only_Robert

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