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Release Dates für 'Maps to the Stars' & 'Clouds of Sils Maria'

So wie es aussieht, steht jetzt auch fest, wann 'Maps to the Stars' bei uns in den Kinos anlaufen wird. Juhuu :D

France: 21. Mai 2014
Germany: 11. September 2014

Sollte es tatsächlich eine Premiere in Berlin geben, hätte ich zum ersten Mal nicht die Möglichkeit dabei sein zu können (wegen Urlaub, aber das ist absolut vertretbar :)).

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Über den deutschen Kinostart von 'Clouds of Sils Maria' hatten wir euch ja schon berichtet. Hier aber noch einmal zur Erinnerung:

France: 20. Mai 2014
Germany: 11. Dezember 2014

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Neue/alte FanPics mit Kristen & Rob

Kristen: OTR Q & A at Pacific Design Center in LA November 5, 2012 

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MTTS: Offizielles Cannes Filmposter + Infos zu "Jerome"

“Plus we’re both dual-disorder”
When Agatha Weiss returns to Los Angeles, she makes an instant connection with the first person she encounters: her limo driver, a would-be screenwriter who chauffeurs the far more successful, and who becomes increasingly entangled in her larger-than-life drama. 
Taking the role of Jerome is leading star Robert Pattinson, who wanted to work with Cronenberg again on the heels of taking the lead role in Cosmopolis (coincidentally, Pattinson played a billionaire who is a limo passenger throughout that film.) 
He was one of the first cast members to sign on, which Martin Katz says helped buy the project. “Robert’s enthusiasm for Maps to the Stars is one of the things that really got us underway. Jerome is not a large role but it’s very significant in the story and his joining the cast gave us a terrific amount of momentum,” recalls the producer. “In a sense he is playing Bruce Wagner, who was himself at one time a limo driver and unemployed writer.” 
Weiter geht's nach dem *KLICK*.

Neues Filmprojekt für Kristen?

Kristen zusammen mit Robert Redford, Ewan McGregor und James Franco in 'Seasons of Dust'? Wow..was für ein Cast! Noch ist nichts offiziell bestätigt..also Daumen drücken!!

"International Film Trust will present 'Seasons of Dust', with a cast including Robert Redford, Ewan McGregor, Kristen Stewart and James Franco. Tim Blake Nelson directs the film about Janey, a headstrong girl from a dirt farm, and Ricky, an outlaw drifter. When Janey's grandfather commits suicide, she is forced to move in with a farm family where she barely escapes being raped. After badly injuring her attacker, she flees the town and meets the dashing criminal Ricky, the two embarking on a cross-country journey."
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New/old BTS Pic von Kristen am Set von 'In The Land of Women'

13, doing my best Kristen Stewart impression 🙈😹 #tbt #kristenstewart #photodouble #inthelandofwomen #lolz

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Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

Rob Pic Of The Day

BeanieRob :) 

Kristen Pic Of The Day

SmilingStew :) 

'Life' Co-Star Dane DeHaan spricht über Rob

Dass Rob & Dane gut miteinander ausgekommen sind, haben die Set-Bilder eindeutig gezeigt. :)

Dane DeHaan has revealed that he made no attempt to become friends with Robert Pattinson before they started filming Life

The Amazing Spider-Man actor stars alongside the Twilight heartthrob in Anton Corbijn's drama, focusing on the friendship between Life photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) and Hollywood icon James Dean (De Haan).

"It's an interesting relationship that they have. They do become close in the film, and they do become friends, but they're not friends from the start," he said.

"So what we did is we didn't try to make any sort of friendship beforehand. We got there and that's when our friendship started. So as it was happening on screen, it was also happening in real life."

The 28-year-old said they bonded on set, adding: "He's a really nice guy. He's totally chill and he's fun to hang out with, and he's fun to be on set with. We had a great time." 

Sir Ben Kingsley and Joel Edgerton also star in Life, which wrapped shooting on April 1. "We just finished a week and a half ago," Dane said.

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'Equals' (Kristen) Update

Regisseur Drake Doremus erwähnte in einem Interview mit der LA Times in Drehort für 'Equals': Tokyo

LA Times

Doremus is next set to direct “Equals,” a futuristic romance he aims to shoot this year. With Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult starring, it certainly has a bigger feel. (Essentially it’s about an uber-rationalist society that’s been stripped of all romantic feeling, seemingly to its betterment, and what happens when a man starts developing emotions again.)
Of course, as he’s Drake Doremus, he’s hardly doing it the conventional way either. The movie will be shot in Tokyo (Doremus wanted the futurism the city can offer) and financed not by a studio but with Indian Paintbrush, an independent company that bankrolled Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” as well as “Like Crazy.”
“It feels more commercial to me,” he said of the new project. “Maybe some people would need to do something even more commercial. But it needs to feel like me.” He paused, “Like I said, life’s too short.”
Ein Interview mit Kristen, in dem sie über das Projekt spricht, findet ihr nach dem *KLICK*.

Neue Stills von 'MTTS' & 'The Rover'

'Maps to the Stars'

'The Rover'

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'Camp X-Ray' Screening beim Cannes Filmfestival 2014

Und auch Kristen's 'Camp X-Ray' wird auf dem Cannes Filmfestifal zu sehen sein. Allerdings in Form eines "Market Screenings", also nicht für die Öffentlichkeit.

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Neues/altes 'Camp X-Ray' BTS Pic von Kristen

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Freitag, 18. April 2014

Neue 'Clouds of Sils Maria' Stills

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Offizieller 'The Rover' Trailer + neue Poster + Stills

Ich weiß nicht, wie es euch geht, aber BadBoyRob sieht richtig gut aus! :D Eine ganz andere Rolle als in MTTS. Gefällt mir sehr gut!!

Offizielles Poster + Characters Posters


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Tolle Neuigkeiten! 'Maps to the Stars', 'Clouds of Sils Maria' und 'The Rover' sind für das diesjährige Cannes Filmfestival bestätigt worden:

Wir freuen uns mega doll, sind mega stolz^^ und sind gespannt, wann die Premieren stattfinden und ob Rob & Kristen mit dabei sein werden. *finger crossed* ;) Hier findet ihr die Liste aller Filme, die gezeigt werden.

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