Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Dakota Fanning spricht über Kristen

Einmal im Interview mit Josh Horowitz @ Sundance Filmfestival...

Und einmal in der Märzausgabe des Glamour Magazins...

Glamour: What about your friends? Do you have a million friends or just a couple? And are they celebrity friends, or are they - what would you say - noncelebrity friends?

DF: One of my best friends is an actor, but a lot of them I met in high school. They are amazing, and I have stuck with them.

Glamour: You said you have one famous-y friend. Kristen Stewart, I'm guessing?

DF: Yeah. Yeah.

Glamour: Is that friendship different than your others because yo've been through so many similar things?

DF: When we're together, we're not talking about movie stuff. She's just my really good friend, you know? We go out. We stay in a lot too. I'm a homebody!
 via MTV / Robstendreams

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