Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Simply perfection!

Kristen fotografiert von Karl Lagerfeld

Carine Roitfeld über Kristen:

I met her with Karl. And she is very special, too, she is not a perfect beauty. If she does not know you, sometimes she is very insecure. It is strange, but sometimes you are very beautiful and very insecure. Karl took a beautiful picture of her. She is very perfection in the photo. I made her look a bit like Patti Smith for the photo, and she was like, “I am just on the line with Patti Smith.” I said, “Oh, ask her what she thinks of the photo,” and she said that Patti liked it. I thought if Patti likes it, we can do it. I didn’t realize they were friends, because Patti Smith is always a big reference in fashion. Kristen is a funny girl, but you have to know her. She is quite shy at the beginning, you know.

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  1. Kris ist immer "Hot", egal was sie gerade trägt
    (inkl. Schlabberlook) und das alte Karlchen kanns
    immer noch.( ich meine das fotografieren! )

    Sascha "Horny" W.
    (Ich bitte um Verzeihung für meine Wortwahl aber ...)