Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Kristen´s Interview mit Indiewire

Ein weiteres Interview durchgeführt während der OTR Promo. Und ein wirklich interessantes und gutes, wenn ihr mich fragt. Auch ziemlich lang^^
Sie spricht über die Unterschiede der Filmversion aus Cannes und der, die jetzt im Kino zu sehen ist. Wie sie Marylou porträtieren konnte, wie es war die Sexszenen zu drehen und warum sie für die Promotion dieses Films auf jeden Kontinent gereist wäre :)

Ausschnitt via Indiewire
I grew up in L.A. I was 13 or 14. It is totally young. On one level it opened a lot of doors for me. I suddenly got incredibly into reading. It really did kickstart that. It was the first one. I didn’t think for one second that I was the type of person that could play Marylou. Ever. Not for one second. I would have done anything on the movie, so I took the part when I was 17 not having — which is a very irresponsible thing to do as an actor, you cannot take a part unless you think you can do it — but I was like, I can’t say no to “On the Road,” I have to try. Probably because those are the type of people I want to meet. I want to find those people and run after them.

“The mad ones.”

Yeah. I think that 14 is how old I was when I looked up and realized that you get to choose those people rather than just getting comfortable with the people that are circumstantially around you. Like, go out and find the ones that fucking pull it out of you! Because [Marylou’s] not in the forefront of the story, she is on the outskirts, you didn’t really know what is in her head and in her heart when the whole story is being told in the novel. I think getting to know the woman behind the character, to be able to connect the dots — because I am a sensitive, contemporary normal girl who definitely was leagues behind her in terms of being comfortable with herself and life — she had that and she was so young. That’s not a teenaged thing, to be completely motivated by the fears in life rather than crippled by them. So that’s why it’s really a very good thing that I grew up a couple of years — I was 20 by the time the movie was made. Even though she was 16 when the story starts, I was a younger 16, I just didn’t have it yet.