Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Kristen im Interview mit der LA Weekly

Kristen und Garret haben im Rahmen der OTR Promotion ein Interview mit der LA Weekly geführt.

via LA Weekly
Stewart was originally cast at 17 to play Mary Lou, née Luanne Henderson, the sexualized child bride worshipped and scorned by Moriarty and Paradise.
"I'm 100 percent nostalgic for times that I haven't lived in ... when there was less insignificant stimulation," Stewart says, tapping her foot with nervous energy, jangling the copper bangles around her wrists, folding her T-shirt with her hands and mostly looking down.
"If you're not watching a TV show or downloading something, you're bored," she adds. "Back in the day, there was less to do, people had to use their minds."
Lest das gesamte Interview HIER

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