Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Screendaily - Interview

Ein Print-Interview gibt's zur Abwechslung auch mal.. :)
Das ganze Interview könnt ihr hier lesen, aber einen Teaser haben wir schonmal:

How are you feeling after the premiere?
Kristen Stewart:
I feel so lucky that so many people got to actually see it on a big screen and more importantly hear it, because sound is such a big part of it and it moves, it moves through you and the vibration is palpable and it makes you feel a little sick and it enhances the anxiety and that is even more satisfying. I have five screenings. So cool. Just that alone makes me so happy. We throw voices all over the room and it reflects the interior of a scattered brain and it feels like you’re being attacked by memories. It feels like voices are coming from all around you.