Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Interview mit Refinery29

und wie immer lest ihr bei uns nur einen kurzen Ausschnitt, den Rest gibt's hier.

There's a lot of discussion these days about women in Hollywood, and the need for more female directors. How do you see the problem?“I’m really happy to be living in the year I’m in now because it’s been a slow-moving process. But I see that progress and it’s all desire based. It’s contagious. Honestly, as soon as that’s happening a little bit more, it’s just going to pick up and snowball. Women watch male-dominated films, like more women watch movies than guys do. We need to start realizing that we can actually focus on ourselves and explore that. There’s so many fucking untold stories, it’s insane. Someone needs to do a fucking modern love story, somebody needs to do something that's topically now, instead of the shit that we’ve been regurgitating for years. It’s satisfying but it’s not what people are actually going through.