Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Sony plant Oscar-Kampagne für Kristen!!

Ahhhhhh, das sind doch super Neuigkeiten!! Sony plant also nun offiziell, Kristen für ihre Performance in Still Alice ins Oscar-Rennen um die Beste Nebendarstellerin zu schicken!

Hierzu hat sich Michael Barker, einer der Sony-Chefs, zu Wort gemeldet:
Many observers have zeroed in on Stewart's performance — depicting the daughter who both spars with and cares for her declining mother — as being particularly impressive, and Barker, who has never worked with the 24-year-old before but has long admired her from afar, agrees with that assessment. "Kristen Stewart is someone we have seen in many movies over the last several years — four in 2014, with three coming up in 2015 so far — and she has shown great range in such a wide variety of genres," he said. "But there is something about this performance that has new depths that she hasn't shown before. She's really terrific in the film."
So what will an Oscar campaign for Stewart, as well as the others, look like? "Not only do you send theDVDs, but you have ads and screenings and try to point out these categories for attention." And will Stewart, one of the busier A-listers in the business, be available to do the interviews, glad-handing and baby-kissing that have become essential to most successful Oscar campaigns in the present day? "As far as I know, she's fully supportive of this film in a major way," Barker said. "We certainly are."
Und stellt euch vor wenn wir bald vor jedem Trailer mit Kristen lesen werden..
(Das soll das Oscar-Gold sein..^^)

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