Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Kristen am Set von "Personal Shopper" - 27.Oktober

Auf Facebook haben wir euch schon ein paar Einblicke vom heutigen ersten Drehtag in Paris gezeigt. Hier haben wir noch ein paar mehr^^ *brummmbrumm*

She's a pro: Kristen got to work quickly on Olivier Assayas' forthcoming ghost-fashion drama, as she only arrived in Paris on Saturday
Look out! A stylish extra from the movie walked out right in front of Kristen and a fellow actor on a motorcycle
 Hey there: The actress took a moment to high-five a member of the movie set
Busy but loving it! Kristen was in fantastic spirits as she flashed a huge smile in-between takes while walking through the streets of Paris
 Tomboy essentials: The actress also wore a red sweater and white trainers, and of course a helmet for her ride on the two-wheeled vehicle Casual Tuesdays! Kristen was dressed up in her character's clothing, but the casual togs could have passed as her own
On yer bike! The 25-year-old actress got to grips with a motorcycle while laden with designer shopping bags