Montag, 9. Juni 2014

'The Rover' Photocall in Sydney

Twitpics vom Photocall

Press Conference Report von The Sydney Morning Herald
There is something "incredibly serene" and "strangely mystical" about the harsh Australian desert, says Robert Pattison, whose latest film The Rover was shot in the harsh conditions of South Australia's Flinders Rangers.
Appearing in Sydney alongside his co-star Guy Pearce, and director David Michod to promote the film's Australian tour, Pattinson said The Rover had fulfilled a long-standing dream of his to work on an Australian movie.
"I was trying to get into Australian movies for a long time before I got this [role]. It was a really special crew," he said.
Set in an anarchical future ravaged by the collapse of the global financial system, The Rover sees Pattinson's character Rey form an unlikely friendship with Eric, a guarded and angry drifter, played by Pearce.
The Brit hinted that the on-location shoot was a welcome respite from the unrelenting paparazzi, whose prying cameras he has struggled to escape since the blowout success of the Twilight juggernaut.
"I really liked it ... being able to look to the horizon and see nothing," he said.
For Guy Pearce, it was a case of the Australian outback beckoning his return, having been well-acquainted with the desert's severe conditions in Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
But Pearce said Pattison needed no guidance on how to handle himself, and jokingly added that "he probably drank a little more vodka than I'd advise."
Despite the film's bleak premise, heavy survivalist themes and the exacting surrounds, Pearce said the atmosphere on set remained upbeat.
"It wasn't really a heavy shoot ... David's got a good sense of humour and we had quite a good fun time on set."
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